Sand trail leading to the beach with rope hand railings

permits and permissions

A Lee County shoot permit is required when: You are producing a feature film, TV special/commercial/pilot/series, industrial film/video or photography shoot that affects public property, equipment or facilities. Your production is taking place on private property and involves the use of pyrotechnics, explosives or other incendiary devices, firearms or use of gunfire or involves stunts of any kind.

Your production is taking place on public property in unincorporated Lee County.

Download the Lee County Event Permit User Guide.

Download the Lee County Event Permit Application.

NOTE: Projects requiring street closures, stunts, special effects and other unusual circumstances should allow substantial lead-time for arrangements and approval. There may be additional permits/fees required for the City of Fort Myers, City of Sanibel, the town of Fort Myers Beach, and state parks.


Insurance Requirements

As part of the Lee County permit application process, a certificate of insurance is required. “Lee County Board of Commissioners and Municipalities" must be listed as certificate holder and as additionally insured. If filming within Fort Myers, Sanibel, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs and Fort Myers Beach, the city(ies) must also be listed as certificate holders and additionally insured. This can be done on the same certificate of insurance. Comprehensive general liability insurance coverage of at least $1,000,000 or more combined single limit is required, along with a hold harmless agreement.

Download a sample certificate of insurance.

Download the Florida State Park photography permit.